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Watercolor Floral Project

The Inspiration
Monika Hibbs Nursery
Before and During


Wallpaper Installation Tips:

This wallpaper will arrive in 24 inch wide by 8 feet long strips. 
The paper is printed to overlap by 3/4 inch so don't panic when you see double print on the edge. 
Once you smooth the paper out while wet, small bubbles will pop up, but don't worry, they will disappear as the paper dries. Small bubbles are normal!
If the paper is longer than needed, apply the whole strip wet, then cut the edge to fit when it is dry. 
A slip with instructions will come with your paper and if you have further questions, you can contact Spoonflower. They are very happy to answer all your questions.

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  1. Love the wallpaper and love those curtains! The whole look is two thumbs up!